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Can't seem to stick with a traditional school year

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Can't seem to stick with a traditional school year
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I've been trying to decide just how important it is to get us synced to a traditional school year. Try as we might, we just cannot seem to get there. It's not really a big deal, to me, for the grade schoolers to be synced because so much of what they do is skill based. They just are where they are. But high school seems like a much bigger deal - it's so content driven and there is SO much work. We have worked very hard to keep up and I had hoped to get us "caught up" in the fall of 2010. And yet... we just can't get synced for a variety of reasons.

At this point my oldest is just finished with his freshman year of high school. Technically, he should be midway through sophomore year, but in reality we have not started yet. I don't think we can survive a break-neck pace for another 8 months to get "caught up" and have him start junior year in September. He is supposed to graduate with the class of 2013, but doesn't (right now) have a strong inclination to walking in a ceremony. If he graduates in the fall of 2013, isn't that fine? Technically speaking, he'll have spent the exact same amount of time in high school (we actually started in Feb of 2009).

This failing perfectionist mama needs some input from other parents.
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We stick to the Kolbe 9 week per quarter plan, mostly because I am a structure person, but we start in August and end in May. We like to be done with 2nd q finals going in to Christmas and take a Big break before and after Easter.

The advisors are certainly more qualified to answer this, but I think that the main thing is that you set his "graduation date" to a point where you think he will have completed all his High School plan and then work backwards. It becomes important when he is taking the PSAT, SAT, ACTs etc. because they look at his Matriculation at the time of the test date. BUT, I don't think it affects the score anyway. You just want to have him test when he has more of his High School Subjects under his belt.

God Bless You and your child as you make this exciting journey together.
mom struggling to help her teens find their vocations.
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Megan Lengyel

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The most important point here is that you do try to graduate in 4 years. While we do have some flexibility on the transcript, colleges do not look highly upon studetns who take longer to graduate. That doesn't mean that a student won't get into college per se, but just that it can hurt your chances if you plan on any highly to moderately-highly competitive schools. Other things to aim for:

PSAT must be taken in Oct of junior year to "count." Alg 1, Geometry should be fullly completed, and about one quarter of Algebra II should be completed (more if possible).

SAT and ACT have a bit more flexibility since you can take the exams several times. However, I would take the test for the first time no later than the June testing dates (between junior and senior year). The majority of Algebra II should be done by then and ideally some trig done if possible. Of course retesting is highly recommended as needed but can be done during the fall of senior year.

Colleges will require a "mid-year" report in most instances anywhere from beginning of Feb until March of the senior year. 1st and 2nd quarter grades will need to be included on that.

Those are the primary timelines... If you are having trouble completing school in a one year time period, please be sure to contact the advising office so we can help you pare back if needed.

Megan Lengyel
Kolbe Academy Home School
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Thank you, Kelly and Megan.

I guess I'd better keep trying to hurry things along then and get as close to the traditional timing as possible. It isn't too hard to get the work done within a year (motivation issues aside, but that's an entirely different problem), it's getting the year to parallel the traditional schedule. It's also a bit hard because of our affinity for block studies; we just seem to do better with highly focused bursts.

Thank the Lord I have another 4 years before the next kiddo hits high school. This is killing me!
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