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Military Families
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Military Families
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Post Ecumenism and all that Reply with quote
Hi Judy,
I am sorry I don't know anything about that program specifically, but we are working on some multi-church youth activites for this summer. The idea that our kids will be exposed to the Protestant misconceptions while they are sharing what we do share as Christians is always a fear. I believe if your kids are mature enough in their own Faith and you dialogue with them immediately before and after the event it can be truly good for their souls. How can we evangelize if we only spend time with devout Catholics?
Just my 2cents.
God Bless You,

PS, where are you guys now? We are back in Southern California-Pat is at Edwards AFB. Do you have kids on the forum?
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Hi Kelly,
We are still in Japan--we took a second tour so our senior could finish high school here. One more year for us. He is headed to college in the fall.
Good point about the evangelization of other youth. It is difficult, though, to judge for other families. I think our own kids would be okay. Kolbe certainly gives them a solid foundation in the Faith. The high school religious ed at the chapel here, however, is Confirmation and a mostly-social youth group. So there will be a need to beef up the chapel religious ed if we do end up with Club Beyond for youth group. Which could end up being a benefit to everyone, really. We'll see what God is doing here. Our new pastor doesn't seem to want to make any waves, so I think whatever the head chaplain decides will be what happens.
Nice that you are in CA now. Such great weather! We have no idea what is next for us. Too early yet.
Hope you are having a great summer.
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Just wondering if there are any MacDill families out there.... There doesn't seem to be an upcoming curriculum fair with Kolbe materials but it sure would be nice to take a peek at what's in store for 3rd graders.
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Post Just a quick hello! Reply with quote
It' always nice to connect with other military-affiliated families! So I just wanted to say Hello!

This is our first year homeschooling, and we have four children (K, 2nd, 4th and 6th). We are gearing up for a HUGE PCS move from Fort Stewart, GA to Schofield Barracks, HI!

I am just about finished with our very first quarter, and am so thankful we started early to accomodate this military mobile life!

Anyway, just a quick hi! Very Happy

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Post Earthquake and Tsunami Reply with quote
Dearest Judy and the entire Riordan Family, please know that our prayers are with you, the forces there and at Okinawa and for the Japanese people.
The Rogers Family
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Thank you! We are safe and well in Misawa (northeastern Japan). A bit jumpy as aftershocks continue, but we're coping and even did our school work today to take our minds off the situation. No damage to our house from either the quake or the tsunami. They build to withstand earthquakes here, and thankfully, we are about 3 miles in from the coast and about 120 feet above sea level. We had a mess of books and things that fell from shelves to clean up, but it was so minor compared to what we are seeing from Sendai.

Power is restored with rolling blackouts, so we have lights, heat, and (hooray!) internet. And we could call our families. The base also has power in the housing units. The military community has been amazing through all of this! They are working hard to get things fixed and back to normal as much as possible and at the same time reaching out to our neighbors in need who lost their homes in the tsunami.

The littlest ones are having the hardest time, but the weather warmed up today (we still have snow on the ground here), and everyone went outside for recess. That cheered us all up. Smile

There have been many little "God-incidences" in all of this, especially on Friday, and we know we have been covered in prayer. We deeply appreciate all of your prayers. Please keep 'em coming. It isn't over yet. Aftershocks are expected to continue until St. Joseph's Day. The next challenges will be with dwindling supplies as all roads to the northeast go through Sendai. A couple of trucks did reach us today, but we heard it took them 26 hours to get here. So we will be dealing with shortages. They are rationing bread and water sales at the commissary presently. But, praise God! we have potable water from the tap. And we know how to bake--and have a working oven. Smile

Please continue to pray for the people of Japan and for the U.S. military members who are going down to Sendai to help with search & rescue and clean up efforts (and for their families). It is heartbreaking to see the damage and hear of so many deaths. My heart aches for the people here.

In Jesus through Mary,
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Everyone in Hawaii okay?
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Megan Lengyel

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Judy- The entire Kolbe family is thrilled to hear from you! We have been thinking of our Japan-based families these past few days. Please let us know if there is anything we can do!

Megan Lengyel
Kolbe Academy Home School
Online Academy Director
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