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Grade 6 History-Old World

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Grade 6 History-Old World
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New to Kolbe and seeking any input on experiences with Old World and America.
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I used it as a quick catch up for my daughter entering in High School this September. She had not had history in grade school (public-our local school did not have the "time" for science and history), so I started her in Jr. High. She had so many gaps in history, that I did a crash course with Old World.

We really, really liked it! I made her do a small report on a character every week, so the material sunk in. She enjoyed it, and feels somewhat ready for High School. At least the names that she will read about won't be unfamiliar. Old World is easy reading and easy testing. It was a great basics for history.

God Bless you on your journey!

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Thanks for your reply and your review of Old World and America. My husband feels that history is a subject that is too often dismissed as unimportant and therefore overlooked. He is trying to teach our daughters to have an appreciation for history in terms of the lessons that they could learn form it.

Thank you again for your time and I appreciate your opinion. Hope to have great success with this book.

God Bless,
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By most accounts of strict classical history that I've seen, if 5th grade covers Rome, then 6th would cover the era of Christendom (Middles Ages) and 7th modern history.

Kolbe's take on 6th-8th grade seems to be a marriage of that approach with a spiraling one. From what the syllabus samples suggest, 6th reviews the Hebrew, Greek, and Roman histories (history through 5th grade) then covers Christian history up to the New World. In 7th grade, students start again with Hebrew history and work up through the New World. In 8th grade, they cover modern history of the Americas.

I can three reasons for that tweak to the strict period-per-year approach I've read about:
1. Lack of good period-specific textbooks. (I've heard that Famous Men of the Middle Ages contains some anti-Catholic material.)
2. A catch-up on the earlier histories for students jumping in at 6th or 7th grade
3. A review to take 2nd-5th grade histories and show them more quickly as a "big picture" or worldview.

Someone from the Academy will have to say if my guesses are accurate or not. Smile

(Also notable: the texts Kolbe uses for 7th and 8th grade history are used for high school studies in other curricula. I'm really pleased to see them here as a lead-in to more difficult material later.)
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Megan Lengyel

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You pretty much hit the nail on the head there. The Famous Men series has some anti-Catholic sentiment in it, and for lack of better options, we have in place what we do so that by the time any student gets to 9th, they've had a brief history of the world and the US at some point so they can delve deeply into the 4 year classical cycle using the primary source material.

And just so you know, we do have high school history plans for both Christ King, Lord of History and Christ & the AMericas as alternate histories for students to use for families that prefer it... however they are not considered our core history and don't fit with the classical content we generally provide.

Megan Lengyel
Kolbe Academy Home School
Online Academy Director
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