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Can I Manage? and Kolbe Graduates in Engineering

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Can I Manage? and Kolbe Graduates in Engineering
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We have been homeschooling for 8 years now and our oldest is starting 8th grade next year. I am starting to get worried about high school, especially history and literature. I am homeschooling our oldest 4 and have a toddler and baby as well. My degree is in engineering, so the math and science do not worry me. The large amounts of reading for history and literature do worry me.

My oldest loves history, but he prefers more modern history topics rather than ancients. We definitely want our kids to have a challenging college prep education in high school, but I am wondering the pros/cons of the two history approached in high school. He enjoys reading, but is dyslexic and writing is not one of his strong points. He would like to pursue Science/Math as his more challenging/Honors subjects and has an interest in engineering.

Any thoughts from others who have been in this situation? Can I really cover the material well if I haven't read the materials myself? I don't feel I can keep up with all of the reading he will need to be doing.

Also, I was interested to hear from other parents regarding children that graduated from Kolbe and went on to study Engineering. What did you/your student feel was most important regarding their high school studies?
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When my oldest ( a girl) was starting Kolbe for high school, I looked at the Greek History and decided it would be way too boring for her and opted for Christ the King, Lord of History. We continued with the Roman history sophomore year, and she got through it. I thought it, too, was kind of boring, but whatever.

Since you mentioned your son's dyslexia, let me just mention second daughter has never been formally diagnosed with dyslexia, but she has a lot of the symptoms (switching letters, double vision when reading, etc)..but she absolutely loved the Roman literature and stuck with it although it was a struggle at time. . I think it is a matter of what might interest your son. But the Roman history especially has all sorts of stuff in it...some descriptions of epic battles, stories of tyrants and good emperors, persecutions of Christians, etc. And the fourth quarter of both literature and history sophomore year is dedicated to the works of St. Augustine..again, that same daughter absolutely loved these, and in fact, recently reread the Confessions on her own (she is in college).

With some of the Kolbe literature (Homer, Aeneid and some of Augustine) I actually read these out loud to my students. Yes, it took up another chunk of my home schooling time, but I think they got a lot out of it, as did I! That might work better for a child with dyslexia.

As for the engineering...I WISH I had a child that was adept in Math and Science...if he can get through that stuff with your help, then you are halfway to engineering school...

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The Ancients did not work out well for my very average daughter, but when we started Christ the King, Lord of History, a whole new world opened up for her. She LOVES history now, and we can discuss it together. As for the literature, I read aloud to her when I could, and that was so helpful to her. We also discussed some of the questions together first, as writing is not a strength for her. But, seeing a young, sweet woman who loves her school now, was enough to convince me to stay on track! By the way, I have two other girls I homeschool, and work outside of the home 3 mornings per week. You can do it!! Librivox is good also, as the reader reads out loud (via computer) to my daughter when she needs the extra support.

It is so time consuming, but I am seeing the "fruits" and that is motivating to me to keep going, keep plugging, and keep my chin up. Lots of prayers for perserverance too!

God bless. You CAN cover the materials if you don't read it all. Just ask your child questions, and MORE questions, and then they figure it out themselves. I look at the lesson plans to get the main idea if I cannot get to the book for the day, or even couple of days. That way I can ask questions, and make my daughter discuss her book with me. Once they discuss it, the ideas and themes usually are imprinted better on their brains.

Be at peace. They grow so quick!!

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