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Just received the fourth grade lesson plans for all subjects (we are enrolled), and curious about daily/weekly checklists. Do any of you create your own checklist to pull together all the lessons? I'm thinking of pulling out the weekly lessons for each subject and put them into a binder. Then each week I will need to switch out the week we are doing. I just don't want to have to pull out a huge binder and leaf through all the plans each day (even with using place markers).

Any advice on how to make the lesson plans more manageable?
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I do make my own checklists. I actually type all of the assignments into my own format of lesson plan, so that each week's work is all on on page of paper (per child). In rare situations, I will say, "See Kolbe Plan, p.14 (and number the pages) for more info", but for the most part, it is all on the weekly checklist. I admit, I go overboard, and it takes a long time to prepare, but I LOVE having it all there in front of me and my student (I print a copy for each of us). There is probably a way to do this that isn't as complicated as I make it, but I don't know if I'll ever change my ways.

I think the "weekly binder" is an interesting idea. You could have a fairly generic checklist that you put at the front of the binder each week, so you or your student can check off each subject as it is completed. One thing I really like about having my week all on one page is that I can see the important things to be done that week at a glance. I think you could do this using a weekly binder and generic checklist also. As you are pulling the lessons for each week, you could glance through the lessons and see if there are any special situations (unusual assignments, time consuming activities, materials to acquire), and even jot those notes down on your generic checklist, so you can have the "at a glance" overview as well.
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This takes a lot of time, but well worth it.

I take the lesson plans from Kolbe, and rewrite them in a shorter form in a teacher's planner (I use Seton's because it is only six dollars, and I like the days of the week across the top). Then, as the kids hand in their work and show me, I highlight the work they have did. Then, when I do grading, I put a red checkmark next to the assignment, as sort of a double check, as sometimes I have the kids orally tell me they are done with their work (depends where I am or what I am doing).

Anyways, it IS time consuming at first, but saves me a LOT of time later! Also, it is available for the kids to see what they have to do also. They have their own plans, but sometimes need clarification.

This works for me, and I have been homeschooling and working outside the home for 6 years.

Sometimes, it also takes a few tries and ideas to find out what works for you. Bridget
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This is our first year with Kolbe (the past 2 years I have used a paper-and-pencil planner to write things out, then switched to a simple Microsoft Word table - very low tech!). I have 3rd and 5th this year. They each have a large binder with each subject's section. I have a smaller binder (maybe a 1"?) with dividers - the front half of the binder has my 5th grader's subjects, and the 3rd grader's is in the back half. I pulled out the Kolbe lesson plans for the first quarter for each subject, along with the quarterly exam. Being my first year with Kolbe, I wanted to have the original plans in front of me, though as I become more comfortable and familiar with the program, I may change our system to fit future needs. I did make each kiddo their own quarterly planner with a spreadsheet for each week and a shortened version of their lesson plans in that, along with our school rules, and monthly calendars.
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This is a website that I found that helps with organizing lesson plans if you prefer to create your own planner...
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Laughing I thought I was the only one. I have done similar to the others since we started. I rewrite each child's plans per week for each subject onto one sheet of paper per child. In the past, I would then type this up for each child, each week, and hand it to them. Since I have 6 now (9th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, 1st) and a Pre-k this year, I have taken the extra time to write out nicely the weekly plans for the 4th and up grades. I will then just photocopy for them, since they can all read my handwriting. It takes a lot of time upfront, but when I started, I started schooling 4 off the bat, and couldn't see having 4 big binders in front of me each day. So, each July, I spend the time to do this step, and it saves me time throughout the year. This year, I think it will save me even more time since I will only need to type up 2 weekly plans for 2 children.

I just bought myslef a nice binder from Staples, and I use the good paper that is reinforced along the left hand side to avoid the pages being torn.

So glad to know it isn't just me doing this. Smile
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