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help in math

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help in math
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My daughter has a rare brain disorder called isolated lissencephaly-pachygyria type. She was just diagnosed this last May, and she is 6 years old. She is a great reader, speller, but has a rough time writing sentences, and just does not "get" math. We are on third quarter, first grade material, but are still stuck in first quarter math. She has to add with manipulatives only, and needs total guidance with it. My question is this, do I have to use Kolbe materials, or can I use something a little "softer" (sorry)? Will you still help me with the paperwork? I love Kolbe, and my other 2 daughters are very successful with it, but I can see that my youngest will NOT be able to keep up with the curriculum. It is very difficult with her, and she gets so easily discouraged. I am willing to hang in there, but I am afraid we cannot keep up with the program. I am still learning about her condition, and there really is not practical information out there on her needs. Her pediatrician doesn't know too much about her, the public school refused to give me a resource person or someone to help her with her feeding, and I do not want her bussed to a special needs school, as she is high functioning with no behavior problems (which is why I chose to homeschool, which has been a tremendous blessing). Can I use another curriculum or other materials? And still be with Kolbe (I really need the accountability, and the support). Thanks.
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Megan Lengyel

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Can I use another curriculum or other materials? And still be with Kolbe (I really need the accountability, and the support).

YES YES YES! One of the great things about Kolbe is that you can substitute any and all subjects while still receiving accountability and support! Support is obviously limited to what you are using in some regards (i.e. we won't always know how to interpret whether a test question is fair with respect to how the material is covered in the book you have decided to use). But at the same time we tend to be familiar with several homeschool curriculums out there and can often give some specific guidance when needed.

For accountability, here is how it works:

When you send in your first quarter report, typically you would include your course of study form. For math, you would want to write in the name of the program you are using as a substitute for MCP Math.

Then for every quarterly report, you need to send in ONE written and graded sample of work per course (every quarter that is). This can be anything from an exam, daily assignment, book report etc. It does not have to be the Kolbe exam even if you are using our course anyway. Be sure to include the grade on your report card too.

The only exception to this is in high school with certain transcript designations and diploma types (which I won't go into here b/c it does not apply to you).

If you have not yet found a program to use, continue working slowly in MCP reviewing as often as needed. You may want to contact our special needs advisor, Melissa Buyarski, about math programs. I can always ping her to check this thread too if you need some direction on a certain math program. (I couldn't tell from your post below if you already had something picked out to use as a substitute).

I hope this helps!

Megan Lengyel
Kolbe Academy Home School
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Hello. My prayers are with you...God will certainly bless you and your daugher is so blessed to have you. As you look for other math programs, be sure to check out Rod and Staff...I switched to them for some of my children and find they have a much "softer" (I believe is the word you used) approach. My children were struggling w/ the pace of MCP and also the fact that there isn't really review throughout. Rod and Staff really focuses on learning math facts (and is fun for them with many pictures to reinforce learning), and reviews constantly throughout. It moves along much more slowly at first, but I have found that by the end of elem. they are where they need to be. They do mix different concepts so they don't get burned out from doing only one thing, but constantly review previously learned ones. I have sometimes even allowed them to skip some problems if they have mastered the concept. And they offer blacklines as well which help to reinforce where they might need extra help. Finally, their materials are very reasonably priced, which is also a plus! (student books, blacklines and teacher manuals). Feel free to PM me if you want more detailed information. Hope this helps.
God bless,
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You may want to look into dyscalculia. It is a math learning disability. My 16 yr old has it. It is probably the least understood one. You may want to check out these links:
We have used math-u-see with success. Good luck.
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thank you all for your comments. I will definitely look into the links and at Rod and Staff. I did call Kolbe today, due to my impatience, and Mike was wonderful and patient and explained exactly as Melissa did. Thanks to all for calming me down. Bridget
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