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vocabulary words for literature, history, etc.

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vocabulary words for literature, history, etc.
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We just started back to school this past week. I have a son in 4th grade. He is enjoying reading his first literature book (St. Martin de Porres) but is in tears with looking up and writing down all the definitions of the new vocab words for each chapter of the book. The process of looking up/writing down the words takes him a very long time, let alone reading the chapters and also doing the questions. He is also learning all the vocab words from the regular vocabulary book as well as his latin book, prima latina. I have not made him look up the vocab words for history (Land of Our Lady)--we did these orally-- or the additional vocab words from the CNR because it just seems to be too much. How have other moms gone about having their children learn new vocab words from the different subjects and keep up with the other assigned work (ie study questions with literature). Where have others cut back and what has worked for you? This is our second year of homeschooling, so we are still new to all of this. I want my son to be challenged, but not feel so overwhelmed that he is in tears. He is starting to dread literature. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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Last year, when my ds was in 4th grade, I did the first lesson, having him look up and write the vocab words. I quickly realized that this was too much work for him. So from then on, I just told him to read the vocab words, and look up the ones he didn't understand. No writing necessary. Ideally, I would've gone over the words with him orally, to be sure he really did understand them, but I didn't have time to do that with him, so I just left it up to him. I would be interested to hear what is advised, or what others have done.
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I have typed up words lists for Land of Our Lady books 4th-7th if anyone wants them. There may be a few typos. I do try to remember to go back and fix them. I just have the kids look for the words while reading the text and write down what they appear to mean from the context. I do not have them write sentences for the history words if they are assigned that.

I also do not do the extra vocabulary words assigned in Kolbe plans. I only do the actual Sadlier words and dictate my own test instead of using Kolbe's quarterly tests. I made my own course plans which apparently will work for 4th-6th (It does work for 4th and 5th. I haven't used 6th grade).

If any wants the history words or my Vocabulary course plans for 4th-6th, please PM with your email address.


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Dianne Muth

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Our course plans are challenging because it is easier to cut back than to beef up the material. It is okay to cut back on anything that becomes frustrating for the student. Disregard the extra spelling words included in the vocabulary course plans. They were included because there are not enough lessons in the vocab to stretch out through the school year. It is important, of course, for the student to understand the words in literature, history, science, etc., but it is not necessary to write the definitions.
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Megan Lengyel

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I like the idea of just quickly going over the vocab words for each book to make sure your son knows them... from personal experience, I had the awful habit of skipping over words I didn't understand in books which often left me completely missing the main point of the novels I was reading in school. If I had the "luxury" of a list of words I'd encounter as I was reading, I think I would have been in much better shape in grade school. This probably explains why I became a scientist... the definitions of the words were given in the text as you were reading! Embarassed

Megan Lengyel
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